Do-It-Yourself Tips for Camera Care

        Tips and Recomendations are based on more than 20
years of experience in repairing camcorders and video cameras.

1)  In case of any camcorder / digital camera malfunction, remove
    the battery/ AC Adapter for 30 seconds and then reinstal it.
    That lets the micro precessor to reset itself. It could help if
    the problem is a minor one or there is a software glitch.

2)  Water damage and moisture are electronic equipment's  worst
     nightmare. If your unit is exposed to water or moisture,REMOVE
     THE BATTERY ASAP. Have your unit checked out and cleaned
     before corrosion contaminates electronic or mechanical 
     components. Even that may be too late,but it worth the try.

3)   Never leave any electronic equipment in a hot car in summer.
     High temperature could melt the plastics and grease inside the
     unit and cause costly problems.

4)   Make sure to turn off your camcorder / camera before plugging or
    un plugging to the computer's ports such as DV(fire wire),USB, HDMI.
    Damage to interface chips could be difficult to repair and expensive.
    I am getting more units in with these kinds of problems lately.

5)   Consummers who use Hard Disc / Flash memory / DVD Camcorders,
    rememmber always to get a back up of your recordings . Because in case
    of any malfunction, recordings could be lost and hard or impossible to recover
    unlike tape camcorders. At least once or twice a month, customers walk
    in with their unit and lost recordings and hope to recover them, but rate of
    success is not impressive !!

 6)  Newer model camcorders and digital cameras have built in charging cicuitry.
     So batteries can be charged while they are installed on the unit. Therefore
     I recommend not to charge your batteries on stormy nights. Strong power
     surge could damage the main board. again a costly repair.