Why you can trust us?

1) CV camera is owned and operated by an electronic engineer,
     with more than 20 years experience in video and digital 
     camera repair.

2)  We do not outsource our repairs. All troubleshootings and 
     repairs are done on site. We also do repairs for number of 
     other service centers in North Texas and surrounding states.

3)  That is why we can afford to repair for less or have free in
      shop estimates.

4)  You won't be charged If we could not guarranty our work.

5)  After being in the market for over a year every model and
     brand develops certain common problems. So in order to
     keep our recalls low, we always take care of any problems
     known to that model. Only then we can guarranty our work
     for long time,normally for 90 days.